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T-Shirt range - design project

We were asked by Nikko Toshugo sports to design a range of 50 T-shirts. The designs had to appeal to an audience made up of mostly males between 14-40 that enjoyed mixed martial arts. Working in conjunction with Dutch artist Noud van Miltenburg the team at Apaganza set about the task. The design brief was ideal, Nikko director Bas Boon told us ‘Just do some cool stuff’. Over a 4 week period we went to work….

The first part of the task was to vectorise Nouds Illustrations, then we set about generating some interesting vector elements ourselves (many of which are available in our Vector CoolKits). We also purchased some other vector elements from the great resource at US design firm GoMedia’s website. Then we let the creative juices flow…

The outcome? we have a completed set of shirts, a very happy client and some radical looking work to show….


These T-shirts have now been rebranded with FIGHT GAME a new Hollywood movie production and Computer Game,

Bas Boon being the executive producer!


Creating a character animation in Adobe Illustrator

Creating a character animation in Adobe Illustrator

This project was initially a visual for an opening sequence for the HD TV show ‘Robert Hagan’s Splash of Color’. The concept was dropped for another idea (more on that later) but the animation was re-used as a device on another of Robert hagan’s shows ‘Let’s go painting’.

In this case study, I will show you how to do a simple character walking cycle. The Robert Hagan character was drawn in illustrator for one of Robert’s books. So I already had my character style but I decided that a simple line version would be better for the TV show.

Next I found a walk cycle reference from

Now, studying the movement from the reference I created 4 generic parts of the character: The head, body, arm and boots.
The legs I decided I would draw freehand.

Then it was a case of overlaying my character parts on the animation reference and move/rotating the various elements.

Then I added a paintbrush to Bob’s left hand…

The next step was to import each frame into Photoshop as a layer,
Adjust the positioning and using the layer-to-frames option in Photoshop’s animation palette exported this animated gif.

The final insertion to the Show was done using Final Cut pro by editor, Simon Harrison, with extra frames that I created to show bob at the easel, drinking coffee and taking a step back.

You can order ‘Let’s go painting’ on DVD from Robert’s website if you have an interest in oil painting…

Happy vectoring!

Ivan Longland –