Vector CoolKits

Vector CoolKits

Real designers don’t use clip art! well under normal circumstances there is an element of truth in that statement BUT it is possible to offer creative, original designs by modifying or using elements from off-the-shelf grahics.

We thought it would be very useful to other creative people to originate some off-beat, detailed graphic elements, that we could offer other professional designers.

After months of work in the studios of Apaganza we are proud to offer some very interesting, highly detailed vector graphics kits at ridiculously low prices…. Apaganza Vector CoolKits.

Coming in January 2010….

Also on the horizon PS Brush sets, Texture Packs and FREEBIES!

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    Great information! Thanks!

  2. DEWANTORO says:

    Hello I publish your work at my blogs, here’s the URL:

    is that permitted?

  3. IVAN says:

    All I am saying here is that, as a graphic designer/creative director with over 20 years experience, it’s ok to use a bit of off-the-shelf stuff if it saves you time/money and you can create something with it the works for your client. I have no time for silly ‘designers’ who would cut their own ear off rather than ‘infect’ their ‘creation’ with something as common as clip art, graphic design is a voyage, for sure, BUT it’s also a business!!

  4. IVAN says:

    P.S. I have a slightly biased opinion here, of course, because I am trying to sell clip art

  5. FOREVERADOG says:

    Very good well informed ty you for the information. From the guys at Bloggles

  6. PAIGE says:

    Nice site. Everything looks cool.

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