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CSP Construction

Classic stationery and airborne adventures…

With the widespread use of Word and inkjet printers, most business tend to generate their own stationery with a logo dropped into their documents. Most don’t realise that it’s a false economy, inkjet inks are expensive!!

CSP Construction MD, Tom Coghlan, wanted something a bit more classic for his tropical construction company. The team at APAGANZA were happy to oblige.

First off we experimented with some logo options, something clean, simple and effective for summing up what Tom’s neat operation was about.

The final contenders (above) where then discussed and the ‘palm leaf’ option was chosen. We really wanted, with the stationery, to get across Tom’s ideals of retaining as much of the local nature as possible in his projects. Something natural and simple was the key.

After hunting through paper samples of Bangkok’s paper suppliers, we chose Tintoretto Malange stock from Italian paper supplier Fedringo. Fedringo have a great reputation for using clean hydro-electric power where possible and are involved in forest replenishing (Every tree taken for pulp, a new one is planted), they also use fast growing plants for their pulp such as cotton, hemp, flax and bamboo. Way to go…

The finished result was stunning, the stationery looked, smelt and felt good and was achieved on a surprising low budget.

The next project, after the stationery, was a decent brochure that would really show the beauty of Tom’s projects. Again we were happy to oblige. The first task was to obtain some good photography. Time for some adventure…. Graphic design is a great profession, intellectually stimulating and rewarding BUT sometimes lacks physical adventure.

Apaganza head honcho, designer, tea boy and sky pest, Ivan Longland, decided that to get some really great shots, it was time to unleash the beast……

This is his La mouette 210cc paramotor trike, quite simply, just sit in, start her up, inflate your wing and you are off to the skies….

Paramotors are ideal for airborne photography, they are relatively stable and with enough height, allow the pilot to fly hands free for short lengths of time to capture some great photography.

So, with a 6 a.m. take off from a local sports field, he was on his way to Tom’s project ‘Coconut Grove’ in Hua Yai district. An hours flight with his sony digital camera firing off in all directions Ivan landed with some stunning results…

That task done, we set about designing the brochure. We decided to use as much local paper as possible and again, keep things looking as natural as possible.

One of our pet hates here is seeing too much obviously computer-generated floor plans and artists impressions of buildings, it sucks! so Tom’s architect ‘Bay’ drew up some great traditional hand-drawn plans and elevations. As for the finished project… you can flick through it yourself… HERE

If you are lucky enough to be interested in having a beautiful home built in Thailand, CSP-Construction are the people to talk to… www.csp-construction.com

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  2. PAUL says:

    nice job Ivan well impressed with your work thanks alot .

  3. P.T.COGHLAN says:

    In any business, it goes without saying, that a professional approach to Graphic Design and Artwork should be left to the professionals, I would like to sincerley thank the entire team at Apanganza for achieving our New Corporate Image, we at CSP Construction Co Ltd our proud to be associated with a truly Professional Team of Graphic Designers who have elevated our Corporate image with their imagination and forward thinking.
    Managing Director
    CSP Group of Companies

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