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New Vector CoolKits

New Vector CoolKits

It’s Songkran in Thailand (Thai New Year) which involves people partying in the street and throwing copious amounts of water at each other….

In celebration of this annual mayhem, Apaganza will be releasing three new vector packs (totally unrelated to Songkran and water!)

Hogs and Choppers
Harley Davidsons (Hogs), Choppers, Big Bikes and some Biker related graphics make up the superb Vector Coolkit, if you are looking for vector clip art or images for a local bike show or just want some mean looking graphics for a T-shirt design, this is the Coolkit for you!

Scribbly Doodles
A very useful collection of hand drawn scribbles, doodles and scrawls. This is an ideal vector CoolKit for adding a hand drawn look to your illustrations or graphics. This CoolKit comes with many different pen thicknesses and textures…. Happy scribbling!

Oriental Heads and Busts
Due to the popularity of our Oriental statues CoolKit we have released this gem. Oriental Heads and Busts delivers exactly what it says on the box! A collection of peculiar heads and faces taken from a unique set of oriental statues….

All these plus a surprise pack will be released during April 2010, check back here soon and be one of the first to secure these creative Apaganza vector Coolkits…..