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Help to find Exomoon

Help to find Exomoon

The only excuse I have for not posting in a long while is some big projects going on… and the first post in months isn’t even about graphic design!! There is a group of scientists who need funding to look for exo moons, I have pledged please have a read and consider it yourself…..

Are we alone in this universe? This timeless question has motivated everything from scientific discussion to movies about extraterrestrial life. The discovery of the first extra solar planet in 1991 shocked the astrophysics community. Since then, researchers have found over 500 new planets, birthing a whole new arena of planetary research.

We want to take this field one step further and study the existence of exomoons, or moons outside of the solar system. Not only will the study of exomoons enhance our understanding of planets and solar systems, but because moons are potentially habitable, our project would advance the search for extraterrestrial life.