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MIXX Promotional Video

MIXX Promotional Video

I was asked by the owners at Mixx Discotheque in Pattaya, Thailand if we could produce a promotional video for the club.

Of course we accepted the challenge….

The Brief: The client wanted an ‘Ibiza’ style promotional video showing the expensive interior of the club and the fusion of European and Thai customers. Mixx Club is located on Walking Street in Pattaya City, an area reknowned for bars, clubs, restaurants and non-stop entertainment. The competition is fierce between clubs and bars to attract the recent downfall in tourism currently in Thailand.

Working with ex-MTV Editor, Jim Wilson and Keeta Media HD Video in Pattaya we set about the project… We spent 5 nights in the club on different occasions: Mixx 2nd anniversary, Thai Hip Hop star Joey Boy concert, DJ Domination Scratch show, Thai Penthouse magazine fashion show and a “normal” Saturday night. To film the atmosphere of daytime Pattaya we employed a microlight and a speedboat. Six days of filming with a five day edit by Jim in Final Cut Pro, Some graphics contributed by myself and the project was done. The results… Take a look…. WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS PARTIALLY DRESSED PENTHOUSE MODELS!


Look out for MIXX website redesign in the new year….

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