How to use

How to use Apaganza Photoshop Brushes

Launch Adobe Photoshop, then select Windows>Brushes (F5). When the window is open, select the options then ‘Load brushes’.
locate the Apaganza abr file and hey presto, you are in business! A tip: you can easily scale your brush size up and down using the [ key and the ] key

How to use Apaganza Vector Coolkits

Our Vector CoolKits are for use on both MAC and PC. They are designed for use with Adobe© Illustrator CS and above.
Simply open the Vector CoolKit file, select the element you want, copy, then paste to your artwork. Apaganza Vector CoolKits
should work with CorelDraw© although we offer no guarantee.

The Vector CoolKits are designed specifically for vector editing software, although there is a work-around so they can be used
in raster image editing software i.e. Adobe© Photoshop. Whilst in Photoshop, select ‘File open’ and open the Vector CoolKits file
you have purchased. It will ask you for a resolution, enter the resolution you need (bearing in mind it is the whole vector pack you
are opening) and press ‘ok’. Next you will have to use the lasso tool to select around the element you need, copy and paste it into your artwork.

Be creative…..

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