Vector CoolKit - Curly Twigage

Exactly what it says on the box… A great set
of curly twigs that can also be used for
lightning and electricity!

Vector CoolKit - Explosive Sparkage

box2 Bangs, Cracks and showers of sparks! These
explosive graphics will add cool impact to
your designs…

Vector CoolKit - Urban Skyline

box3 Bill boards, hoardings, antennas, towers and
more… a great set of vectors to give your
designs a background of a busy modern city.

Vector CoolKit - Shoa’lin Warriors

box4 Shao’lin monks in combat posses. Very detailed
vector pack including highlight detail, shadow
detail and silohuette. Design something different!

Vector CoolKit - Shao’Lin Warriors 2

box5 We are happy to offer a second set of Shao’lin
warriors due to the popularity of the original
set… go get ’em!

Vector CoolKit - Kick Boxing

box6 Real Muay Thai fighters in action, 28 detailed
vectors taken from a genuine Thai boxing
school… enjoy!
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