Vector CoolKit - Dead Ugly Trees

box7 Haunted forests, barren wastelands or just to add
a touch of ugliness to your beautiful design this is
the vector set for you!

Vector CoolKit - Oriental Statues

box8 A unqiue set of statues from the orient, very
unusual and highly detailed….

Vector CoolKit - Tropical Flora

box9 A great set of palm, coconut and troplcal
trees. Makes you want to book that next
tropical holiday!!

Vector CoolKit - Grassy Turfage

box10 Cool, sweet grass maaan! Tufts and vistas of a
selection of grass… That’s it! They look great!

Vector CoolKit - Swirly Twirlage

box11 Cool swirls, twirls, curves and waves… enjoy.

Vector CoolKit - Jungle Vines

box12 Real Jungle vines and curly branches, Ideal for
moody swamps, rainforest etc. … just add Tarzan! … have fun….
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