Vector CoolKit - Scribbly Doodles

An abundance of hand drawn crawls, scribbles and doodles. Use these to loosen up your vector graphics or illustrations.

Vector CoolKit - Hogs & Choppers

Bad ass choppers, Harley Davidsons (Hogs) and general biker graphics, ideal for bike show posters or giving your next project a mean look.

Vector CoolKit - Oriental Heads & Busts

Oriental Heads and Busts delivers exactly what it says on the box! A collection of peculiar heads and faces taken from a unique set of oriental statues….

Vector CoolKit - Inky Splatage

A selection of realistic and highly detailed splats, drips and splodges. Give you next project an artistic ‘Jackson Pollock’ look…

Vector CoolKit - Thai Tattoo

Thai Tattoo artist, Sutep Monkhavol, compiled this interesting selection of good luck symbology from Buddhism, we could all use some good luck….

Vector CoolKit - Grunge Effects

Cracks, Grime, Grunge and Scratches. All you need
to grunge up your vector art. 14 High quality
vector overlays in this pack!
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